Tradition and Innovation

As an all-rounder, it can handle around 70 percent of all cutting tasks quickly and with precision. The specially shaped, wide blade with its characteristic curvature on the top and the cutting edge curved towards the tip make the cradle cut as much a pleasure as chopping and transporting the material to be cut. Tradition and innovation meet in the Chinese Chef's Knife from Nesmuk: developed in collaboration with top Chinese restaurateurs, it is the reinterpretation of a 3500-year-old basic shape.

Unique steel for extreme sharpness

The uncoated and polished cutting bevel guarantees the finest possible cut: the unique Nesmuk steel contains the rare element niobium - this ensures the very fine steel structure despite rust inertia. At the same time, greater mechanical strength is reached and the blade becomes stronger and tougher. The result is extreme sharpness and increased service life and cutting durability.