As a proof of authenticity, every folder carries the Nesmuk bat on the left bezel. The right bezel is left blank, and can be engraved with your initials in the Nesmuk-typography. The Nesmuk kitchen knives are angraved on the ferrule.
The Nesmuk goldsmiths still produce classic diamond engravings. The combination of machine precision and manual reworking guarantees perfect results. Individual engravings of logos and coats of arms, for example, are also possible on request.
In the JANUS folders, the initial engraving in the bezels made of black precious resin is additionally accentuated with white fine lacquer.
With chef's knives, slicers and office knives you can have your initials engraved by up to three letters in the knife clamps made of matt brushed or highly polished stainless steel.
Also the engraving of a date - for example a birthday or anniversary - is possible.