EXKLUSIV C90 - hand-forged unique pieces made of real Damascus steel

The knives of the EXKLUSIV C90 series are the entry into the Nesmuk EXKLUSIV world of hand-forged Damascus steel. The blade of the chef's knife consists of 210 layers and has a hardness of 61 to 62 HRC. Like all Nesmuk Damascus blades, they are also made in the company's own forge.

The best tool steels with high carbon content and rare metals such as wolfram, create blades with the finest sharpness and a longer durability.

Unlike the EXCLUSIVE C100 and C150 series, the blades are machine ground. The chef's knives in the C90 series have a hollow grind on one side, which is also typical of Nesmuk JANUS and SOUL chef's knives. The slicer and office knives have a very thin wedge grind, which is perfect for filleting, paring or peeling.

The handmade Damascus steel is superior in terms of puncto cutting ability and sharpness to the knives of the SOUL and JANUS series made of patented niobium steel. Here, carbon steels still have an advantage over stainless steels. And thanks to the glass-like NPC coating (Nesmuk Protective Coating) developed together with the Fraunhofer Institute for Chemical Technology, the Nesmuk EXKLUSIV blades are also protected against corrosion*.

Unique worldwide

Handmade Damascus steel from the best carbon steels, corrosion-resistant thanks to innovative silicon coating. For absolute cutting performance without compromise.

The lightest damask knife from Nesmuk

Genuine, hand-forged Damascus - and still unusually light: the hollow grind applied to 210 layers of Damascus on one side creates the unique look and outstanding cutting properties of the hand-forged blade. At only about 130 g, depending on the handle material, the EXKLUSIV C90 chef's knife is the lightest knife in the collection. The 180 mm long blade makes the knife an all-rounder in every kitchen. Carbon content: 0.9%.

A new definition of sharpness

One-sided hollow grinding, the hand-forged Damascus unfolds its full potential: the combination of very fine carbon steel and extremely thin blade creates a sharpness experience that is second to none.

Forged by master craftsmen

The craftsmanship of genuine Damascus steel is evident in the different appearance of the Damascus pattern: the back of the blade is plane ground and reveals a different view of the Damascus structure than the hollow ground front.

*The cutting edge of the blade is not coated. Therefore, you should always clean your Nesmuk EXKLUSIV knife after use. Clean the blade with dish soap and under running water, dry well afterwards. For special care, it is also suitable to oil the blade or the cutting edge from time to time. We recommend acid-free oils such as our camellia oil.

Please do not use cleaning sponges with abrasive fabrics, these can scratch and damage the NPC coating. Also avoid soaking dried-on cutting debris and do not place the knife in a water bath. Cleaning in a dishwasher will damage any kitchen knife, but especially knives made of carbon steels.