Elegant, flexible and remarkably lightweight

For all fine work, such as parrying meat, filleting fish, vegetables and fruit. 120 layers of damascus steel, 160 mm, 62 HRC, a masterpiece: the production of a Nesmuk EXCLUSIVE C90 Slicer requires many working steps - a knife that can only be made in the hands of a master smith. The faceted blade with wedge grinding ensures reduced adherence to the material to be cut and is ideal for filleting because of its slim silhouette. Carbon content: 0.9 %. The exclusive coating technology Nesmuk Protective Coating (NPC)reduces the usual maintenance effort and preserves the precious blade for decades.

Masterpieces of smithing

Every blow to the glowing steel decides, if a masterpiece emerges. Only the best smiths master this art.

Every blade is unique

The unique pattern of the damascus steel makes every blade unique and unmistakable. Every knife is assembled, sharpened and polished by hand before receiving its certificate of authenticity.