EXKLUSIV C150 - For the highest demands on elegance and cutting performance

The damascus steel of the C150 series differs in its structure from the other EXKLUSIV series C100 and C90. The Damascus layers are made of special alloys that are flexible and at the same time create an even more brilliant, highly contrasting pattern. The 401 layers of flexible Damascus steel enclose a cutting layer made of one of the purest carbon steels available. This guarantees maximum sharpness and an exceptional hardness of 65 HRC. Thanks to the flexible Damascus steel on the outside, the hard cutting layer in the middle is less susceptible to breakage. The perfect combination of hardness and flexibility.

The C150 blades are sharpened entirely by hand to bring out the cutting layer perfectly and centrally. The double-sided, faceted hollow grind is a highly skilled operation that requires skill and a steady hand.Only the best knifemakers with many years of experience carry out this work at the Nesmuk manufactory.

Thanks to the glass-like NPC coating (Nesmuk Protective Coating) developed together with the Fraunhofer Institute for Chemical Technology, the Nesmuk EXKLUSIV blades are protected against corrosion*.

The supreme discipline of the art of forging

Hardly any other knife expresses the origin and consistency of craftsmanship as clearly as Nesmuk's handmade knives. From fire welding and forging, hardening, tempering and grinding the hollow grind to assembling the handle: the production of a Nesmuk EXKLUSIV C150 chef's knife takes more than four dozen steps - the masterpiece of the manufactory. The 180 mm long blade makes the knife an all-rounder in any kitchen. Carbon content: 1.5 %.

Craftsmanship in perfection

High concentration, over many hours or even days, is required to carve out the cutting layer of finest carbon steel, which can be seen black under wild damascus - a masterly feat of craftsmanship that only a few blacksmiths in the world have mastered to perfection.

Perfection from a master's hand

The fine cutting layer is also evident in the center of the blade spine, which is up to 3 mm thick. Only when a knife meets the standard of flawless perfection in the final appraisal does the blade finally receive the archaic bat symbol as a sign of quality and authenticity.

*The cutting edge of the blade is not coated. Therefore, you should always clean your Nesmuk EXKLUSIV knife after use. Clean the blade with dish soap and under running water, dry well afterwards. For special care, it is also suitable to oil the blade or the cutting edge from time to time. We recommend acid-free oils such as our camellia oil.

Please do not use cleaning sponges with abrasive fabrics, these can scratch and damage the NPC coating. Also avoid soaking dried-on cutting debris and do not place the knife in a water bath. Cleaning in a dishwasher will damage any kitchen knife, but especially knives made of carbon steels.